Managing the Internet of Things

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Ever been to Time Square in New York City? If we take a moment to reflect on where we are today with the Internet of Things, it reminds me of standing in the middle of Time Square. It’s pure chaos, but simultaneously exhilarating.

Defining Use Cases

Similar to New York, The Internet of Things is a fast paced ecosystem characterized by the old, the new, and the many that just want to ‘make it’. Fortune Magazine recently published an article highlighting an experiment conducted by Praetorian Researchers using Drones to find out exactly how many connected devices consumers were using in Austin, TX. What’s so important about this study, is the more we can understand exactly what devices are being used, the more the entire market can focus on the development of connected ‘things’ that will have a shelf-life longer than a couple months.

Trends in IoT

IFA and CES are some of the top up and coming IoT conferences Affinegy will have a presence at. Like Fashion week in New York, it’s a chance for companies to show-off their latest and greatest developments in IoT. The hottest trends in IoT are taking shape in digital health as wearables seem to show the most practical use cases with helping us monitor our bodies to keep us healthy. The other major trends to keep an eye out for is in security. If IoT has any chance of continuing to mature, we will need to increase the standards for security to keep consumers’ data protected and establish digital trust.

Transitioning into smooth connectivity

There is a quote recently published in RCR Wireless, “One key to success will be delivering a seamlessly connected service that makes things simpler for customers deploying the IoT.” Affinegy is the backbone to connectivity. It’s important for us to continue to deploy and develop the broad and future-proofed platform that helps users connect all their devices with ease and assurance – without fear of breach, signal loss, or their devices not working.

-Melissa Simpler, CEO Affinegy, makers of CHARIOT™

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